Student View

Dear Storyworks 2 Teachers,

Welcome to our very first issue of Storyworks 2. It’s the first ever Storyworks just for second-graders!

I know you have faced so many challenges lately. This year is a chance for a fresh start. We wanted to create something that would enrich your students’ learning wherever they may be.

What will you find online? Scroll down to see.

I am honored to have you on the Storyworks 2 team. Whatever challenges come our way, we will be here for you and your kids.

Best wishes,

Laine Falk

Editor, Storyworks 2

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Mini Read:  Don’t Lick This Frog!

The poison dart frog is teeny tiny. But it is very dangerous!

Words & Pictures: One Cat, Five Facts

Give kids background knowledge before reading the longer nonfiction article “How to Save a Cheetah’s Life.”

Big Read: How to Save a Cheetah’s Life

A cheetah cub didn’t have the care she needed. A dog became her friend—and saved her life. 

Debate:  Who Should Decide On Bedtime?

Anna says kids should pick their own bedtimes. Ben doesn’t agree.

Mini Graphic Novel: Our BFF Is a Monster

A monster appears to be super scary—until the kids realize he just needs a little help from some friends. 

Paired Texts: The Truth Behind Chocolate and Vanilla

Where do we get these two yummy flavors? The truth may surprise you. They come from plants! 

Partner Reading: Interview With a Dollar Bill

Our character Question Mark gets all the details about this famous American symbol. 

Fiction: The Popsickle Stick Bridge

A school project helps Jen see her partner in a new light.

Poetry: Shy

In this emotional poem, two shy kids form a surprising friendship.